ZeroTilt Technology

Optimizing America's Workforce - One Spreadsheet at a Time!

Excel Training, Development and Automation using macros, formulas and functions. Also specialize in other Microsoft Office products.

Microsoft Office Specialist - Master

Train individuals up to 10 per class on Excel proficiency.

Professional Excel, Access, Word, PowerPoint, SharePoint Services – all work is guaranteed!
​Transfer data to/from Quicken, Quickbooks or any other software – via xml, csv, Access, SQL
Consolidate bank statements, financial statements from any financial institution
Create PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, Word documents from templates and Excel data – contracts, labels, mailings etc
Validate data to reduce input error – i.e. restricting input to dollar amounts, dollar ranges, date ranges, dropdown lists
​Import information from other spreadsheets and databases
Read spreadsheets from other spreadsheets – keeping formulas and information consistent
Format cells, sheets for easier reading of spreadsheets
Organize information to reduce duplicate information and enhance reporting accuracy
Model complex financial data, identify/forecast trends, mind data
Protect specific information for being changed or viewed by using levels of security and passwords
Automate emails from lists – send mass emails with a click of a button
Products created Inventory System,Sales System, Billing System, Payroll System, Budgets, Presentations,Scheduling
Invoices, contracts, labels, mailings, reports, presentations, Auto Bulk Emails
Features/Platforms used
Formulas, Functions, Macros (VBA), Data Tables, Pivot Tables, Named Ranges, Charts, Graphs, Data Validation, UserForms, Data Mining, Payroll Systems, Sales Systems, PowerPoint, Word, SharePoint, Outlook

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